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RUMOR: Cleveland Cavaliers to re-visit trade talks with Golden State Warriors + Nearly 2 trades this past season


That's the kind of sign-and-trade I'm talking about.

Jump for the details!

From Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert offers bullish optimism after dismissing Mike Brown as coach on

It is possible the Cavs will re-visit trade talks with the Golden State Warriors -- who they nearly made two different trades with last season -- and perhaps the Philadelphia 76ers among others.

Unless it's a salary dump of some sort for Corey Maggette like Maggette for Leon Powe (always welcome in the Bay!), Anthony Parker (his sister is really cool), J.J. Hickson (interesting prospect), and Delonte West (trust me he won't be a Cav much longer) [ESPN trade machine], I can't really see a trade between the Dubs and Cavs.

I wouldn't mind something like Andris Biedrins + Brandan Wright for Antawn Jamison, but I doubt that happens. That's a whole lot of injury risk for the Cavs for essentially one fantastic rebounder with zero upside. By the way props to good old 'Twan. His goofy shot-puts and "nifty" hooks have aged really well. Jamison is good for 20-9 for the remaining 2 years on his very reasonable deal.

For some great insights on LeBron's former home, check out Fear the Sword.


Go to NY my brotha!

Say Goodbye to LeBron James, Cleveland - LeBron 2 New York Knicks this summer

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