Update: J-Rich tweets about the Ad. It will be in this Thurs's AZ Republic Paper.

UPDATE: We finally got out message across to J-Rich, lets all keep up the support and hope the Suns keep the momentum till the end! I really can't thank you guys enough for not only chipping in little by little for the donations, but for the support and help getting the word out. I can't take the credit, this was definitely a collective group effort! I applaud you all!

(Thanks Eutychus for posting this)

We made it happen Folks! This Thursday it'll be in the Arizona Republic. They should still be in Arizona then, so hopefully J-Rich will get a look at it. Either way! We ARE the best fans in the NBA, and I thank you for making this happen! We collected $577.66 towards the add, I'll cover any extra charges as well as trying to get some sent our way.

Any extra, I'll still donate to Red Cross!


(What I sent over)

(Here's the actual Ad)


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