Making the Case: Babbitt #6

Now I'm sure that I'll get a lot heat for even bring up a name that isn't Cousins, Johnson or Aminu, but after reading through rest of the measurements released today (big thanks to JSML fanshot Athletic Measurement trickling in for scoop) I think that Luke Babbitt is going to rise in the drat projections. Here is a break down as to were Babbitt stands with the 3 other players mentioned up above.

Name Height w/o Shoes Height w/shoes Weight Wingspan Reach Body Fat No Step Vert Max Vert Bench Agility Sprint
Al-Farouq Aminu 6' 7.25" 6' 8.5" 216 7' 3.25" 9' 0.5" 8.2 27 33.5 13 11.29 3.3
Luke Babbitt 6' 7.5" 6' 8.75" 218 6' 11.25" 8' 8.5" 5.6 29.5 37.5 15 10.98 3.4
DeMarcus Cousins 6' 9.5" 6' 10.75" 292 7' 5.75" 9' 5" 16.4 23.5 27.5 N/A 11.4 3.55
Wesley Johnson 6' 6.25" 6' 7.25" 206 7' 1" 8' 10" 4.6 32 37 16 11.43 3.14

As this graph show's Babbitt measurements aren't nearly as one would have assume for Babbitt prior to the Chicago Combine. Add to this the fact that most draft experts think Babbitt has a NBA ready offensive game and you've got that makings of a high risers on most mock draft boards. What is the experts analysis of these 4 guys? So far Ford is the only guy I've seen chime in the verticals, benches and sprint drills.

Chad Ford - NBA Draft Measurables

Wesley Johnson came out looking good as well. He had a 37-inch vertical, ran a blazing 3.14-second three-quarter-court sprint and benched the bar a whopping 16 times. His numbers are pretty close to the Sixers' Thaddeus Young.

Luke Babbitt was really helped here. A 37.5-inch vertical, a 3.19-second sprint and an impressive 10.98 lane agility score blew away a few GMs I spoke with. The thinking was that he had poor lateral quickness. This measurement disputes that. We've had him No. 12 on our Mock Draft for two straight weeks. We might have him too low.... Babbitt's teammate Armon Johnson also did well. The 38.5-inch vert was one of the best in the camp. So was his 3.19-second sprint. And the guy benched the bar an amazing 18 times. Pretty good for a point guard. His lateral quickness numbers weren't great, but you have to believe these numbers will help him a little.

Al-Farouq Aminu gets the rep as an off-the-charts athlete, but he didn't really show it here. His 33.5-inch vertical was disappointing and so were his speed numbers.

DeMarcus Cousins really struggled in all of the athletic drills. He's huge (he measured a 7-foot-6 wingspan) but NBA teams can't be thrilled with his numbers at the camp. Cousins had just a 27.5-inch vertical and didn't blow anyone away in either of the speed drills. If it's any consolation, Brook Lopez tested as the worst athlete in the 2008 draft and he did just fine.

Now we all know that Al Davis is a guy that's all about combine wonders and we all know that the Raiders suck ass because of just focusing on combine performance. That said, you can't just ignore the combine measurables either. These are the little thinks that us fans can use to help us decide between which players we think our team should take in the draft. To that end, did Babbitt do enough at the combine to warrant a look at the #6 spot for the Warriors? Would he fit the roster?

Here are some combine tidbits from

On the offensive end, Babbitt possesses an extremely high skill level to go along with an outstanding feel for the game, assets which allow him to score easily and efficiently from all over the floor. The smooth left-handed shooter is hitting with deadeye accuracy from the free-throw (89%) and three-point lines (41%), while also showing strong ability off the dribble, namely with his mid-range jumper...

On the defensive end, Babbitt works hard and shows excellent focus, running out to contest shots and doing all he can to stay with his man, but his lateral quickness on the perimeter just isn’t up to par and it doesn’t help that he just looks uncomfortable in his perimeter stance, not getting his center of gravity down and looking awkward moving his feet.

In the post, he actually shows very good fundamentals and a good understanding of how to use his length to bother shots, but he is severely lacking in lower body strength, allowing him to be backed down at will. Babbitt’s real redeeming quality on defense is his ability to attack the boards, a real testament to his hustle and high motor, as he pulls in an impressive (for his size) 10 boards per game, most of which come on the defensive end.

Here are a couple of video clips of Babbitt to wet your appetite

Overall, I think Babbitt's length and rebounding motor combined with his advanced shooting touch make him a unique player in this draft. He's the type of wing player that we could pair with Curry on offense and potentially gain some rebounding from on the defensive end. Now don't get me wrong there are knocks on him too. But his measureables released today put him on pair with Johnson and Aminu and lead me to believe that we can justify them be athletic enough to play the SF in NBA that Babbitt should get equal consideration. And with all things being equal Babbitt's a much better shooter than Johnson or Aminu and thus warrants consideration for the Warriors with the #6 pick in the draft.

UPDATE (05/28/10): Chad Ford pegs Babbitt as the combine wonder of 2010

This year's combine darling? Nevada forward Luke Babbitt.

Babbitt measured around 6-9 in shoes with an 8-9 standing reach. That doesn't blow you away. However, he had an impressive 6-11 wingspan and essentially measures up with Griffin (6-10 in shoes, an 8-9 standing reach and a 6-11 wingspan).

But Griffin is way more athletic, you say? Not according to the combine numbers.

Babbitt had a 37.5-inch max vertical, a 3.2-second sprint and an impressive 10.98 lane agility score. Griffin's numbers were 35.5, 3.28 and 10.95, respectively.

Griffin clearly had the strength advantage, benching a 185-pound bar 22 times to Babbitt's 15. But 15 reps is still an impressive number.

What about production on the court? Griffin clearly had Babbitt bested here. Griffin averaged 22.2 ppg and 14.1 rpg in 32 mpg his sophomore season. Babbitt averaged 21.9 ppg and 9.0 rpg in 37 mpg as a sophomore. However, Babbitt does bring two things to the table that Griffin doesn't -- 3-point shooting and ball-handling ability. Babbitt shot a blazing 43 percent from beyond the arc this past season and showed excellent ball-handling skills for a big man in the combine.

Of course, Babbitt isn't as good of a prospect as Griffin was. That's why we've had Babbitt No. 12 on our mock draft for two straight weeks. However, we might have him too low. Based on what I'm hearing, Babbitt could be in play as high as No. 9 to the Jazz.

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