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Basketball Wives or NBA Playoffs? Matt Barnes infidelities or Matt Barnes shooting threes? Day 20: Atlanta Hawks @ Orlando Magic


Orlando Magic team building activity.  This may be the most shots JJ Reddick has ever taken with the team

(image via Slamonline)

The Warriors take on the Hawks today and the only question I am wondering is by how many points the Hawks will lose by tonight.  The Warriors embarrassed the Hawks in what might have been the worst playoff game ever played by a playoff team.  Watching a playoff team get destroyed by 40+ points is akin to watching say Tim Duncan in a dunk contest.  I'm watching Real Housewives of New Jersey if it's a blowout by halftime.  I suggest you do the same.  Italians bring the drama. 

Oh oops, I meant to say Orlando Magic, NOT Warriors.  It's so hard to tell the Magic from the Warriors from the former Warriors on the bench and in the box seats (GM Otis Smith).   Is the Hawks equivalent to the Dallas Mavericks of the east?  High-scoring but can't secure wins when it counts?  What can we expect tonight?

Hawks @ Magic, 5pm PST/8pm EST


Actually, I would like to change my previous comment about watching Real Housewives of New Jersey.  If you want to see basketball action featuring former Warriors currently in the playoffs, I highly recommend watching Basketball Wives on VH1.  Now this the REAL drama in Florida.  You can see our boy Matt Barnes with his wifey dodging all sorts of questions about his in/fidelities.  Matt Barnes once complained about his role on the Magic squad, overloaded with 3s and 4s.  It looks like he's finally getting the time on TV that he wanted, perhaps for the wrong reasons.  By the way, does anyone find it random that Michael Olowakandi's ex-wife and Eric Williams current wife are in this "elite club" of basketball wives?  Who actually remembers Eric Williams?  And does this woman really want to attach herself to Olowakandi's name?  Why not bring on Dwyane Wade's ex, Siovhaughn? 

My predictions?  Magic by 62.  Joe Johnson is as good as gone.  And Barnes becomes the next Wade except he gets Gabrielle Union-lite...

What are your predictions?  And what are your thoughts about Dwight Howard's baby mama, Royce Reed?  

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