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Orlando Magic @ Atlanta Hawks, LA Lakers @ Utah Jazz :: 2010 NBA Playoffs Day 22


Goran Dragic single-handedly buried the Spurs in the 4th qtr last night.


That must have been a humiliating 4th qtr for the Spurs. The Suns BENCH unit outplayed the Spurs STARTING unit. They were playing so well that JRich and Amare did not come back in the 4th, and Steve Nash sat until about the 3 min mark. The guy that led the charge for the Suns was Goran Dragic. He shot, he drove, he even completed a 4 pt play doing the Karl Malone draw-the-foul trick from the 3 pt line! Check out the video recap and the gameflow. The Suns trailed by 18, but led by as much as 16. That's a 34 pt turnaround!

GameFlow - Phoenix @ San Antonio

More importantly, the Spurs are now in an 0-3 deficit that no team has ever escaped from. What's amazing is that the Suns have outplayed the Spurs this entire series. These aren't your offense-only run-and-gun Suns of yesteryear. They still run, but they also play defense. They rotate, they collapse and double team, and they defend the rim.

Oh btw, I can't forget about the other game yesterday, Cavaliers @ Celtics. The Cavs thoroughly demolished the Celtics, and... um... er... snore. OK, so I CAN forget about that other game.

It'll be hard to top yesterday's Suns/Spurs game, but we move forward with today's afternoon lineup:

Today's lineup:
Magic @ Hawks, ESPN 2:00pm PDT
Lakers @ Jazz, ABC 5:00pm PDT

Orlando Magic @ Atlanta Hawks

Usually I'd write a quick little summary of this series in this segment. But what can I possibly write about this series? The Hawks are outmatched and outplayed by the Magic. What else can I say? I'm not even going to bother looking for a pic to fill this segment up.

Accuscore fun: Magic 59% - Atlanta 41%
Series gameflows: Game 1 | Game 2

LA Lakers @ Utah Jazz

Ditto for this segment. The Jazz get back Andrei Kirilenko today, but that's not much help against the Lakers. So no pic and no summary here either.

Accuscore fun: Lakers 43% - Jazz 57%
Series gameflows: Game 1 | Game 2

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