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Stephen Curry Becoming a Mogul Fast, Making Moves in Los Angeles

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If Los Angeles' Villany's re-interpretation of "The City" logo wasn't surprising enough, looks like Stephen Curry may have his sights set on Los Angeles when his contract is up.  

Curry is making moves in Los Angeles and why didn't someone up here try to stop him?

Tradition and Heist & Co., an urban-wear retailer based in Los Angeles, has teamed up with Golden State Warriors baby-faced future of the franchise, Stephen Curry, to give you, the "Baby Faced Assassin T-shirt."


(via Eazee Street)

Is it me or does it seem like he straight up jacked Tony.PSD's designs?  Remember when Tony.PSD was doing these several years ago?  At least they kept Curry rocking the Warriors jersey and not a Lakers one (or Clippers).

Apparently Stephen Curry always visits the Tradition storefront when he's in Los Angeles.  C'mon Bay Area stores, why aren't we up on this?

Anyway, if you want to cop it, click here.