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Fashion Pays Tribute to RUN TMC, Get Sexy Today!


(Pckpr Clothing celebrates electrifying basketball ... and poor defense)

We've seen the Baby Faced Assassin T and even LA's knock-off of "The City."  But your summer wardrobe won't be complete until you've purchased your RUN TMC era shirts.  Hit up your summer barbecue with confidence that you'll be turning heads from fellas AND the ladies.  Read on for more details on how GSoM can help you look good...

Pckpr Clothing Company, based in Emeryville, designs hot shirts that celebrates sports, hip-hop, and, most importantly, looking sexy.  They blessed the world with the RUN TMC tee which comes in both home and away colors.  Here's the "home" colors:


(The shirt will match your tats, for those tat-friendly)

These fantastic shirts by PCKPR clothing can be purchased by local vendor, Giant Peach.  Click the hyperlink and become the talk of your town, city, dorm, church, house, corner store...TODAY.  More importantly, support local companies reppin' the bay area!

For the less stylish (these are not PCKPR), there's this:


The colors are slightly off on this, which makes its hard to distinguish as a tribute to the Golden State Warriors.  But the RUN DMC logo works.  Faux-vintage t-shirts might be cool, but this one could be cooler.  Punch in your credit card numbers at this site if you like this one.

If you can only buy one shirt...choose wisely Warriors fans, choose wisely.  But if you're switchin' fo' lanes yellin back "money ain't a thang," cop both!

Which one are you going to get?  And who's going to buy both?

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