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Golden State Warriors swap second round picks (#34 for #44) with Portland Trail Blazers for $1 million more dollars in Chris Cohan's wallet

The good news? Well, you get to visit our friends over at Blazers Edge.


If you pinch really hard 100 pesos will pop out.

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The bad news? After the jump.

GSoM friend Matt Steinmetz has the details over at in Warriors Swap Second-Round Picks with Portland.

Yes, it's a classic cheap move by Chris Cohan to save a relatively measly $1 million dollars, but to tell you the truth this really probably doesn't matter all that much in the grand scheme of things. Second round picks rarely make any impact in this league and it is true that the Warriors have had much greater success in the NBA D-League than in the second round (Chris Taft, Kosta Perovic, Richard Hendrix, to name a few). There are the notable exceptions of Gilbert Arenas and Monta Ellis though, so I'm not sold that a 2nd round pick is completely worthless or worth moving down 10 slots just to save some cash. It's a long shot, but it's worth the shot attempt so to speak.

"With the 34th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft the Portland Trail Blazers via the Golden State Warriors select..."

Well for the sake of Portland, it better not be a good player who gets suspended from his team for doing something dumb.

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