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Golden State Warriors trade Corey Maggette + 44th pick in 2010 NBA Draft to Milwaukee Bucks for Charlie Bell + Dan Gadzuric


I heard this album went quadruple platinum in Milwaukee.

Some rumors actually do come true: RUMOR: Milwaukee Bucks offering Dan Gadzuric and Charlie Bell to Golden State Warriors for Corey Maggette

Chris Cohan also finds new ways to save money- see Golden State Warriors swap second round picks (#34 for #44) with Portland Trail Blazers for $1 million more dollars in Chris Cohan's wallet

Such an odd 2 days in Dubs Land if you ask me.

First of all props are in order to Gery Woelfel from the Journal-Sentinel. He nailed this one.

Second of all another non-basketball move? Sheesh. Corey Maggette is not a perfect player by any stretch of the imagination, but he is NOT Marco Belinelli. You don't just send him away for nothing, which is what this trade will most likely amount to for the Warriors.

Third of all, I must say I feel bad for Larry Riley. Every since he's stepped into the GM role for the Warriors he's been forced to make one non-basketball and Cohan dollar saving move after another. I *think* Riley is a good scout and can be a capable GM, but he really hasn't gotten much of a chance. This is the exact opposite situation that Chris Mullin walked into back in 2004 with the Warriors where we he was given a blank paycheck... and proceeded to ink some of the dumbest contracts in the history of the NBA. Aside from drafting Riley really hasn't gotten much of a chance.

Fourth, thank you Corey for being a true soldier here. You can now go back to being one of the ultimate Warrior Killers. I expect you to make at least 12 trips to the free throw line next time you're in Oakland.


Thanks man.

Fifth, a golden welcome to Charlie Bell and Dan Gadzuric. I'm skeptical either will get that much playing time or even be on the roster past training camp, but we shall see.


Welcome to the Bay, fellas.



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