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With the 6th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft the Golden State Warriors select... EPKE UDOH!

UPDATE (dj fuzzylogic, 5:32pm): ESPN True Hoop gives us some more details about the Warriors' pick, Ekpe Udoh

UPDATE #2 (fantasy junkie, 5:36pm): ESPN's Pick by Pick Analysis: "Udoh is the biggest riser in the draft. At the beginning of the year he wasn't in our top 30. Udoh had a great year at Baylor, but he's not an elite prospect in my mind. He can block shots and defend and he's a pretty good offensive player. But he's seems pretty duplicative of both Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright."

UPDATE #3 (dj fuzzylogic, 5:59): Marcus Thompson notes that Warriors fans are disappointed, but you already knew that from your own response screaming at the TV.



I'm actually surprised the Warriors didn't sell the pick. You know, clearing cap space- before a player even counts against the cap. I guess that's innovative (?).

Epke Udoh Profiles: | DraftExpress | ESPN

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