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GSoM EXCLUSIVE: Tw-Interview with new Golden State Warrior Ekpe Udoh

In case you missed it-- With the 6th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft the Golden State Warriors select... EPKE UDOH!

The GSoM crew is covering the draft from a variety of venues tonight. Poor Man's Commish is actually in NYC live at the draft. 

Jump for his most recent Tweets!

From @poormanscommish:

Just spoke with Ekpe Udoh's sisters, Sefon and Esther. His parents are here too. They were very happily surprised at the No. 6 pick.

"EXCLUSIVE" on Ekpe Udoh: Theyre not familiar w/ Warriors' passionate fanbase. The "k" is pronounced lightly, not silent per NBA guide

Ekpe Udoh's mom tells me that his nickname is "Epps". WELCOME TO THE GSW, EPPS!!!

Official NBA pronunciation guide: Kevin Seraphin = KEH-veen sare-AH-fah. Yup, right there written on the paper they handed out.

The next 9 tweets are from the official Draft room presser for the Golden State Warriors' No.6 pick, Ekpe Udoh...

Q(1of9): Bringing defensive intensity? Udoh: Playing defense first comes easy and something I love to do, block shots.

Q(2of9): Prepared for Nelson's erratic minutes? Udoh: Something you have to grow with...just have to work with it.

Q(3of9): What did Baylor coach teach you? Udoh: Just being to be anywhere on court...defense...anchoring whole team.

Q(4of9): Any idea where you going to be picked? Udoh: Agent said 6 to 9, so he calmed my nerves a little bit. Very excited.

Q(5of9): Was Golden State in your mind at all? Udoh: It was a possibility.

Q(6of9): Golden State unstable organization. Udoh: I'm just going to go there and work hard. I can't control that stuff.

Q(7of9): Did you study the geography (of Golden State)? Udoh: ...know it's a beautiful city, won't be like Michigan winters.

Q(8of9): Surge of Baylor this year? Udoh: I love BU nation...going to be successful in the years to come...really believe in Coach.

Q(9of9): Elaborate about Baylor Coach Drew. Udoh: Done a great job...if you get into system, he's going to love you and take care of you.

Stay tuned for much GSoM coverage of the 2010 NBA Draft!

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