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RECAP: Golden State Warriors 2010 NBA Draft Day - Yaaaawn...


This picture is all you need to know about the Golden State Warriors 2010 NBA Draft. This is the most exciting time to be a Warriors fan! We're not going to make the playoffs for another 12 years so all we have is hope. We hope that the Warriors pull off a blockbuster trade, hope that the Warriors new rookie will lead us to the promised land (more wins than losses), and hope that we're entertained. I stopped hoping for competence from the front office a long time ago.

Everything came out as predicted with the only drama being whether the Warriors would take Big Man #1, who won't be an impact player, or Big Man #2, who won't be an impact player. Yippee. This year was quite the snooze-fest. In fact, the most exciting thing was watching to see if Jeremy Lin would get drafted (he didn't).

Where were the KG/Amare-like trade rumors? Larry Riley, at least get people talking about Monta-Mayo or Biedrins-Bosh again even if it's not going to happen!

The Warriors draft, Ekpe Udoh, a guy with little to no upside - WYSIWYG - what you see if what you get. There's no chance for Warrior fans to speculate about how he's going to be the next great big man! That's part of the fun of being a crappy team. For instance, Anthony Randolph has so much potential and is so talented that if he could just hone his game and be more disciplined he'd be an All-Star! Or how about this: Brandan Wright is going to be great if he could just stay healthy. It's the great unknown that makes it exciting. It's more interesting if there's some glimmer of hope for the guy to blow up rather than a guy who is already at his peak. Meh, nothing to talk about.

Draft Day is usually an exciting day and today had no excitement at all. Someone needs to be blamed. I blame Cohan. And Rowell. And Riley. And Stephen Jackson.


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