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2010 NBA Finals Game 1: Boston Celtics @ LA Lakers- 5 reasons to root for each squad

Make sure to check out my man Feltbot's 2010 NBA Finals Preview: LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

Tonight it all begins on ABC at 6pm PST.


I bet they remember this in LA.

I'll be straight up. I'm not a fan of either of these organizations. Both of these fanbases are incredibly annoying to say the least.

BUT that doesn't mean I'm not going to love every second of this finals. 5 reasons to root for the Celtics and 5 reason to root for the Lakers after the jump!

5 Reasons to Root for the Boston Celtics

1. Kevin Garnett aka "The Bully"

The KG of 2010 is quite different than the KG of the summer 2008. Gone is that humility and "poor ol' KG, stuck in Minny" mantra. It has been replaced by "man, what a bully" and "man, what a meanie". I still love the guy. He's flipping nuts and I'd be lying if I didn't admit his huge piercing stares via some very bulging eyeballs give me nightmares sometimes.

This man epitomizes D-FENSE.


Too bad Chris Cohan, Robert Rowell, and Chris Mullin screwed this up.

2. Rasheed Wallace aka "ODB"

As I've noted before, the 2010 Boston Celtics are pretty Wu-Tangish- see Wu-Tang Clan Boston Celtics are on FIRE + Phoenix Suns @ LA Lakers- Suns don't stand a chance :: 2010 NBA Playoffs Day 31

There's just something comical about 'Sheed in the mix. He's like Robert Horry Shaolin style. Like I said before:

And of course I think you can guess who this guy is on the Celtics:


An Ol' Dirty Bastard classic.

It's none other than...


Ol' Crazy Rasheed Wallace

3. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce

These guys are great for the league. They're smart, savvy vets who aren't playing for their own stats. The league needs more of these guys and less of the young and dumb (ahem, Golden State Warriors and their mythically bright future).


Denzel Washington: "Oh Ray? HE GOT GAME."

4. It makes your boy AB1 look smart.

Back on September 2nd before the season started in our famous Around the Association segment I wrote:

Projecting 2k9-2k10 Season: 62-20 -- 2010 NBA Champs

The Celtics only won 50 games this past season, but I've still got a shot at that second part. Check out the entire piece for some good laughs: Around the Association: 2009-2010 Boston Celtics- Sheed in Green + Another Answer

5. They aren't the LA Lakers.


See A Hater's Guide to the Lakers.

* You can find over 1 million more reasons to root for the Celtics over at the mighty CelticsBlog.


5 Reasons to Root for the LA Lakers

1. Kobe Bryant aka "The Black Mamba"

Okay, he's not Michael Jordan, but given LeBron Jame's sentence in Cleveland (FREE LEBRON: Say Goodbye to LeBron James, Cleveland - LeBron 2 New York Knicks this summer), Kobe is the closest thing we've got to #23. The shots he was hitting in Game 6 against the Phoenix Suns were so much like his airness.


Whether you're rooting for him or against him, there's really nothing better than seeing Kobe in the NBA Finals in this post-Jordan NBA. Whether he's hitting amazing shots or protesting by not taking a shot for 2 quarters, Kobe is MUST SEE TV this time of the year.

2. Ron Artest aka "Crazy Mofo"

There's just something about this guy that's so endearing.

Ron-Ron plays hard.

Ron-Ron plays dumb- that DUMB 3-pointer when the Lakers needed to take time off the clock in Game 5 against the Suns was laughable.

Ron-Ron plays with heart- that game winning lay-up against the Suns seconds after that DUMB shot was CLUTCH.

Ron-Ron is crazy- beating up the biggest losers in flyover, USA in the stands of Conseco Fieldhouse.

Ron-Ron is crazy (in a good way)- giving his $$$ gold watch to a kid in a third world country.


3. Lamar Kardashian

I couldn't find any images of this across the web, but during the Lakers-Suns Western Conference Finals I spotted some Suns fans holding up "Lamar Kardashian" signs in reference to Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian's famous (or infamous?) marriage. Needless to say this I found this pretty hilarious. I'm just sorry I couldn't share with you all. If someone can dig that up or make a rendition in the comments that would be greatly appreciated.

How can you not root for these guys?


The NBA's Next Power Couple?

(Oh god no. Even Lamar can't say that with a straight face.)

4. The Lake-Show provides us with such great material

Witness this pic from Around the Association: 2009-2010 Los Angeles Lakers: Big Brother, Little Brother


Good stuff.

5. They aren't the Boston Celtics.

See The Credits: "10 Things I Hate About You"


* You can find over 1 million more reasons to root for the Lakers over at the fabulous Silver Screen and Roll.


Who are you rooting for?

Also what's your over/ under on how many times we hear that "Lakers-Celtics is the NBA's greatest rivalry" tonight alone? I'm projecting at least 37.

Seriously though, how come no love for the legendary Clippers-Warriors rivalry? You have to try to suck that much. GSoM + Clips Nation holding it down!

Warriors-Clippers 2020 NBA Western Conference Finals!

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