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New Golden State Warriors Logo and Colors are HERE

Originally posted Jun 8, 2010 2:20 PM PDT

If you've been reading GSoM the past few months, you've already seen this, but just in case:


I'm personally digging the logo and color scheme. I love orange, but it's cool to see the Warriors going back to blue and yellow. The lettering is a little too serifed for me, but I'll give it some time and maybe it grow on me.

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Over at Inside the Warriors MT's got some good words about the "modern-retro" look:

It's like Digital Underground. When I hear Humpty Hump, I get juiced because it is a classic. It reminds me of fun times back in the day. But if Digital Underground came out with an album, I wouldn't want to hear it - unless it was innovative and new.

MT still thinks it's pretty fresh.

More thoughts over at SFWeekly: Golden State Warriors' New Logo Incorporates Yet-To-Be-Built Bay Bridge

Let's hope this is Chris Cohan's "last gift" (maybe the only gift?) to Warriors Nation. Head on over to for more of the new styling.

From the golden archives- you heard it here first!

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