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2010 NBA Las Vegas Summer League GAME THREAD #2: Golden State Warriors vs Detroit Pistons

Originally posted 10:45 AM PDT


I'm definitely loving the head coach yellow striped polo and the assistant coach white polo's.

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Time: 5pm

First check out my man PMC's provocative piece NBA Idol: The yang of the Summer Rotation-rie League and why it's the Hoops Mecca.

Second check out the good commish's piece Warriors Summer League Team A Training Ground For Reggie Williams And Brandan Wright on SB Nation Bay Area.

Third make sure to cast your vote on whether the Warriors should match the 3 year $12 million dollar offer the New Jersey Nets tendered to GSoM fav Anthony Morrow in olympicmike's Polling GSoM piece. (PLEASE MATCH!)

Fourth- JUMP!

Last Night's GAME #1: Golden State Warriors 77, New Orleans Hornets 76



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Quick thoughts:

  • The Warriors are now undefeated with Ekpe Udoh and David Lee.
  • Don Nelson is watching these games on the sidelines. Where are all those haters who constantly accuse him of being lazy and not caring about this roster and the direction of the team? I'm guessing they didn't watch that wonderful game #82 this past season either.
  • Please, please, please match the New Jersey Net's offer for Anthony Morrow. PLEASE. He's a GSoM Night favorite.
  • Finally and sadly...

I feel for the guy, but- his game is still very awkward and he's still very much a bust.

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Tonight's GAME #2: Golden State Warriors vs Detroit Pistons


  • Reggie Williams drops 20+ points.
  • Brandan Wright has a better outing... I mean he has to right?
  • Anthony Randolph gets another DNP - COACH'S DECISION in the box score.
  • We get a look at the guy the Warriors passed on during Draft Day 2010, Greg Monroe.
  • This game has absolutely no bearing on the 2010-2011 Golden State Warriors season, but we still watch so that we can laugh, cry, cheer, etc. and make bold and unfounded predictions. Don't lie, you'll be watching and tracking what happens!

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