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Reggie Williams doin' work at the 2010 NBA Summer Rotation-rie League in Vegas

I'm not going to do a thorough analysis of Reggie Williams's game as evidenced over the past 72 hours here at Vegas NBA Summer League, because this just about sums it up:

Reggie Williams is a Poor Man's James Harden.

Watching Williams play not just last night, when he scored 34 points and surprised the sellout crowd eager to see #1 Draft pick John Wall, but also the previous two games, has taken the sting out of what appears to be an inevitable departure of Anthony Morrow and his three-year, $12 million offer sheet to the New Jersey Nets.

Even Harden's game has not really reached a crescendo yet, and watching Harden play on NBA TV at the Orlando Summer League was, at times, frustrating. Harden's quite adept at penetrating the lane and creating contact, as evidenced by his many free throw attempts last week. However, I would've preferred to see Harden be a little more consistent with the outside shot if, say, Ray Allen is to be the consummate, achievable (i.e., Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade status is not something we can expect) talent that embodies a 2-guard.

In a way, Williams is the diametric opposite of Harden, in that Williams appears to have better outside shot, but is not as strong attacking the basket nor rebounding.

Both players are left-handed and sport a beard, which is probably sparking this comparison. And as I mentioned previously, I felt it was unnecessary to dissect Williams's game because it is Warriors-ready as-is. I'd go so far as to say that he could be a starter for a few teams. He's not the fastest, not the most-skilled, not the most-athletic, and doesn't have a high ceiling, but he just gets it done.

In short, this is a huge standing ovation to Williams. Remember, Harden was drafted at the No. 3 spot specifically to complement Kevin Durant.

One other thing. Wall was on a fastbreak early in the game, made a spectacular spin in full-stride, went up for the layup, only to have Williams violently swat the attempt into the stands! People in the crowd were saying, "Welcome to the league." Courtesy of Reggie Williams, that is.

Let's hope the new Warriors management coming in next year does not let this particular shooter get away. Granted, Morrow to the Nets is not a done deal yet, but many NBA experts and writers have been tweeting that it will be very difficult for the Warriors to keep him.

Is Williams an NBA starter? Scroll down for the vote!

Speaking of Twitter, here's a compendium of my Reggie-related tweets over the past three days...

You know, Anthony Randolph getting traded helps Reggie Williams and Brandan Wright here. Rather than watching AR handle ball.

Good matchup at the 2: Reggie Williams vs Quincy Pondexter.

Props! @reggiew55 RT @coachthorpe: Reggie Williams creeps up on you like the night. Before you know it, he has 20+ on 14 shots.

Reggie Williams @reggiew55 being left-handed and his style make him resemble James Harden @jHARD13 out there! And-1 swish top of key.

RT @talkhoops: It's just like the regular season. Reggie Williams getting things done.

Reggie Williams getting mega-minutes tonight. Don't recall the last time he was on bench.

Reggie Williams leading all scorers with 15 pts now. Under 1:00 to go 3rd qtr.

B-Wright/Reggie chemistry? More burn for Reggie too. RT @MSteinmetzCSN: As for Reggie Williams, I don't really think he needs to be here

Kim Tillie forgot he was supposed to set hi pick&roll for Reggie Williams but finally did and got rewarded on the roll by Reggie.

Warriors ast coach: "C'mon Reggie (Williams), nail!" in reference to his defense, not showing on the pick & roll.

I'm saying it right now: Reggie Williams = Poor Man's James Harden (altho it's more re look&feel, they kinda have opposite gms)

Basketball's a zero-sum game: Reggie Williams look great catch&shoot trey, Quincy Pondexter looked bad, shouldn't have doubled off.

Warriors asst coach (not Silas): "Stay tight Reggie, stay tight Reggie!" on Marcus Thornton. Well, Thornton blew a layup.

Stephen Silas in huddle, Warriors up 1 with ball, calls play, extensive coaching for Reggie Williams here. This is his team, his camp.

Quincy Pondexter great D on Reggie Williams, forces airball which Brandan does well to retrieve and toss up prayer, no rim.

I don't like that play tho, Reggie Williams is not a creator. He's a finisher. Catch&shoot guy. Anyways, Hornets ball 2.6 ticks left down 1.

Reggie Williams @reggiew55 hesitates on a swing receive. Launches, in & out. Stephen Silas: "What are you waiting for, Reggie?!"

Realized Austin Daye is at 2, guarded by Reggie Williams. Terrico White the 1, Jonas Jerebko 3, DaJuan Summers 4, Greg Monroe 5. Huge team.

Austin Daye just crossed over on Reggie Williams, got the layup and sure enough clapped his hands in disgust bec the and-one wasn't called.

This is a great test for Reggie Williams, going heads up against some length like Austin Daye. Doing ok so far.

Reggie Williams and-one trey! Warriors down 3 with 4 sec left but he misses FT. Oh well.

Reggie Williams: 29 pts on that trey. Saving Robert Rowell's ass for letting Anthony Morrow go.

Sun Yue going heads up vs Reggie Williams

Reggie Williams excellent fastbreak play shielding off Raymar Morgan defending, layup. @reggiew55 playing like he's been in league for yrs.

Reggie Williams just swatted John Wall but no one else in Summer League can make a spin like that in full stride.

Ex-Warrior Cartier Martin guarding Reggie Williams. Forces a turnover at halfcourt, JaVale McGee steal + windmill dunk.

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