New WARRIORS owner/savior announced today

According to MT and Tim Kawakami, new Dubs owner would be announced today. I am pumped! of a Warrior fan I tell you....This is our draft lottery, we are like kids in an orphanage waiting for that rich couple who would take us in.

If its anyone not named Ellison, I will be really pissed and disappointed. More disappointed than us trading Robert Parish, Tim Hardaway, J rich, drafting Udoh, Fuller, Foyle, O Bryant, Diogu letting Baron go etc etc etc.

Does God/Buddah/Allah love us Warrior fans? We shall find out

UPDATE: Sale not to be announced today. Perhaps tomorrow. But the latest development according to Marcus Thompson is that Ellison is indeed in the running with another finalist, not Mastrov but Joseph Lacob, a venture capitalist and a part owner of the Celtics.

ARRRGGGHHH...... this is turning out to be Foyle over Kobe all over again!


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