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GAME THREAD - Summer League 2010 - Game 4 - Golden State Warriors vs. Miami Heat



Unfortunately for us, these three guys won't be playing together tonight...

What a busy day in Warriors world!


Unfortunately for us...the Heat won't be showcasing their new Big 3 (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you've been living under a rock).

Also unfortunately for us, it's not televised on NBA TV tonight. will be on tomorrow morning at 7 in case you want to wake up then and post in the open thread...


Jump for some links!

In case you want some Summer League fun and analysis...check out my main man's PMC's analysis from his courtside seats.


You upset that we lost Anthony Randolph?  Forget that!  We got REGGIE!!!

Btw, I'm not gonna give my R Dizzle seal of approval on this one, but if you feel the need to watch the game tonight, you might want to click here.

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