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Glad the Warriors Don't have $$$ to Spend on Free Agents?

Some people were lamenting the fact that the Warriors don't have enough cap space in one of the greatest free agent classes of all time. LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Amare, Dirk, etc. We could have had a chance to sign those guys!

After Day 1 of the free agency period, I'm glad the Warriors don't have money to spend. The big names wouldn't be coming here, so we'd be stuck with the sloppy seconds. I just don't trust the current Warriors' front office to make a smart free agency deal. They'd blow all their cash on worse contracts than they already have. Look at the list below:

Rudy Gay: 5 years, $80 million
John Salmons: 5 years, $39 million
Amir Johnson: 5 years, $34 million
Drew Gooden: 5 years, $32 million
Channing Frye: 5 years, $30 millon
Darko Milicic: 4 years, $20 million

These make Ellis and Biedrins look like bargain basement deals. Gay gets paid nearly 50% more per year than Ellis?

With owners throwing around money at ridiculous rates and for ridiculous contract lengths, this offseason just got off to a mind-boggling start. How is Amir Johnson worth $34 million? Who gives Darko a 4 year contract? Rudy Gay is a max player?

There's too much cap space and not enough quality players to fill them. These contracts are only going to get worse.

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