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Jeremy Lin to sign at 11am PDT with Golden State Warriors and a shoe endorsement deal?

From, of all places, the Harvard Crimson school newspaper, we have this...

Former Harvard co-captain Jeremy Lin will sign with the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, Calif. at 11 a.m. PST following a physical examination on Wednesday, Lin’s agent Roger Montgomery confirmed with The Crimson on Wednesday morning.

But wait, there's more. Shoe deal?

[Lin's agent Roger Montgomery] stated that the Warriors’ proximity to Lin’s hometown has helped land the 21-year-old a number of endorsement opportunities—including a potential shoe deal.

"We’ve had tremendous inquiries," Montgomery said. "Not ready to confirm anything yet…We feel there will be tremendous opportunities."

I'll have more stuff to post later. As you watch this story unfold, please be mindful that, while you may not understand it, an Asian-American receiving any type of NBA contract is obviously a big deal to the Asian-American community.

With all that Jeremy's been through, I hope you can take the time to congratulate this achievement, no matter what you think of his ultimate NBA skills. No matter where you're from, making the NBA is no small task. Getting a D-1 scholarship is no small task. I hope you respect that.

Remember, no one thought C.J. Watson was any good when he was called up, either. Then again, no one thought Patrick O`Bryant was any good when he was drafted, and the doubters got to say they were right. So it's your choice. Shoot down everything in your path with negativity, or try to have an intelligent discussion based on factual evidence, not preconceived assumptions.

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