Few ideas:

Lets start off with trading Steph for Chris Paul. Is this a good idea? Would you do this? Do you remember how well Paul and Ellis got along during the rookie sophmore game, and all the alleys and exciting highlights they produced?

Our roster right now:

PG: Curry, Lin

SG: Ellis, Bell

SF: Wright, Williams, Vlad

PF: Lee, Wright, Udoh

C: Biedrins, Gadzuric

What it really looks like is this:

PG: Curry, Lin

SG: Ellis,

SF: Wright, Williams,

PF: Lee, Wright,

C: Biedrins,

Vlad, Bell, Gadzuric, and Udoh: I see them all sitting on the bench in suits. They are all garbage minus Udoh, hes just injured..

So i propse a question to all of us, Who should we sign to back up Ellis, and Biedrins, and possibly another small forward out there that can play a numerous amount of positions and someone who knows our system well? Also someone to back up lee, because i feel wright will be in and out this season with that shoulder injury.

I will start us off:

1. Chris Paul or Stephen Curry make great fits at the Guard spot, but i feel Paul would play better with Ellis. Curry has a better 3 point shot then Paul, but i rather us keep a dynamic, quick and small backcourt because itll screw with the opponents teams and make us hard to cover. Also Ellis isnt terrible at defense, when he wants to play he can. Chris Paul and Ellis would be a dream come true, like when they both played well in the rookie sophmore game. Not to mention David Lee was on there team to, and it looked like they all had good chemistry together.

So i would have to say pull the trigger and trade Steph, before CP3 goes to LA or the knicks and makes our rivarly team better, or turns randolph into the star he was ment to be on our team and takes away our chances of getting Carmelo next season. I dont want to see Steph and Ellis fight for a season and complain. THis will lead to most likely Ellis departing and im a big fan of Ellis. He made a mistake and we neeed to forgive him on that moped accident. I dont want to have a hole at the guard spot if they cant get along.

People we should sign are Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes, Anthony Toliver, and a big guy like Fresnko or Shaq!

I feel Shannon Brown would be a great backup to Ellis, and he will bring back those J rich dunks we all miss. He also has the winning mindset coming from the lakers. He has many great things about him. Great Dnker, big body to go with Curry or Ellis or LIN!.... 4 Year deal.

Matt Barnes because he needs to bring we believe back to the bay. I feel Wright and Williams are going to be good, but Barnes is better then George and alot more mobile and he can play from the 1-4 spot and he knows our system well and 3 of our players ellis, wright, and biedrins, not to mention our crowd and our coaches. 2 Year deal.

Anthony Toliver must be resigned becuase the guy can play ball and spot up and hit the three. He gives us that advantage by taking a big man out of the equation because he can play from anywhere. He would be a decent backup to LEE. I dont know how confident i feel about wright playing the entire season or even 20 games. So Anthony Toliver would be a great pick up again seeming how he played with us last season and produced tremendously. Also him and curry have a little chemistry as well. We should give him a 2 year deal.

Fresnko and Shaq: Fresnko only because hes young and seems like the only decent big guy out there. Id only sign him for a year. I say shaq because he attracts alot of attention and could get us into the bonus quick. He also can run a few pick and rolls. He can be a good leader. Id sign him for a year, and try to go after yao next season or kendrick perkins. If not im sure shaq wouldnt mind playing for us again.

When all said and done, we should have a lineup that looks like this:

PG: Curry, Lin, barnes, brown, ellis

SG: Ellis, Brown, barnes,Bell

SF: Wright, Williams,barnes Vlad

PF: Lee, Toliver,Wright, Udoh, barnes

C: Biedrins, Shaq,, Barnes Gadzuric

We would have a solid starting five roation. Curry Ellis, Lee, and Biedrins are locks at their positions, but we can feel the three spot in with wright, other wright for size on the nights we need size, wiliams, barnes, brown.

Curry and Ellis would have great back ups and if eaither were to get injured, it wouldnt be like were asking for a prayer from the backups, because we know they can produce. Our frontline is getting there.

Your ideas?

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