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SB Nation NBA Summer League Bloggers' Showdown hosted by Golden State Of Mind

A bunch of SB Nation NBA bloggers in town for Summer League will convene at Chuck Minker Sports Complex in Las Vegas this Saturday morning for a 5-on-5 showdown followed by a 3-Point Shootout.

If you're in Sin City for the festivities this weekend, please come and join us! We are currently looking for more participants, so please chime in, in the comments even if you are not a blogger. Participation is free and anyone can come and watch.

This is the first time doing this, so my main concern is having enough people to at least have a 5-on-5, as opposed to having too many people. However, I may need to make cuts to rosters to give priority to bloggers, then readers, then the general public.

Hit the jump for the details (when/where/etc)...

Don't forget to pack your gym bag!

WHAT: Inaugural SB Nation Summer League Bloggers' Showdown (5-on-5 plus 3-Point Shootout)

WHEN: This Saturday, July 10, 2010, from 9:00am (sharp!) to 11:00am. This does not conflict with NBA Summer League, which tips off at Cox Pavilion at 1:00pm. 

WHERE: Chuck Minker Sports Complex, 275 North Mojave Road, Las Vegas. This gym is located near the Strip. You would most likely need a rental car to get there. Google Map:,+275+N+Mojave+Rd,+Las+Vegas,+NV+89101-4803&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=38.554089,86.572266&ie=UTF8&hq=Chuck+Minker+Sports+Complex,&hnear=275+N+Mojave+Rd,+Las+Vegas,+Clark,+Nevada+89101&z=16

WHO: Hosted by Poor Man's Commish of Dream LeagueGolden State Of Mind, and SB Nation Bay Area. Everyone is invited to play, with priority given to SB Nation bloggers, other NBA bloggers, SB Nation readers, and the general public (adults preferred) -- in that order.

COST: Free. Free to play in the 5-on-5, free to participate in the 3-Point Shootout -- both subject to VIP list, i.e., roster cuts. Free to participate as a spectator (subject to gym capacity limitations).

FORMAT: NBA-modified rules (per Dream League), with 24-second shotclock, Dream League-certified referees, and other good stuff. We're even gonna keep stats!

COMPETITIVE LEVEL: This will be a blogger's version of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, therefore, all competitive levels are welcome, with *some* rec league experience recommended (but not required).

WHY: Because I love organizing basketball games. And to spread the SB Nation gospel!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: (feel free to post more questions in the Comments)

What if I'm flying in Saturday morning from the East Coast? Las Vegas community centers are closed on Sundays, however, I'm trying to get a non-city gym for Sunday morning 9-11am, as we speak, but it will depend on the participation headcount. Please go ahead and post a comment if you have any concerns about not being able to make it Saturday morning.

How will you pare down rosters? Priority will be given to SB Nation bloggers, then any NBA blogger, then any SB Nation reader (chime in by posting in the Comments section below), then the general public. Due to liability concerns, we would like to restrict on-court participation to adults only.

OK, so I'm a blogger (or a reader or, quite simply, a baller) and totally want to participate in the 5-on-5 and 3-Pt Shootout. How do I do this? Post a comment below. First-come-first-served (subject to roster pare-down priorities as mentioned above).

I'm not that good at basketball but I want to participate. What level of competition is this? This is open to all levels. This is totally "for-fun" and akin to the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. People will be expected to check their attitudes at the door.

How will teams be divvied up? I'll figure that out later, but it usually starts with height, then whether or not you've played high school varsity, what position you play, then we go from there. Again, you need not have any organized basketball experience to play.

What if you just get a ton of people interested? How do you feel about making so many cuts? Hey, someone needs to be the bad guy, that'll be me. Been there, done that. But even if we do get too many people, as previously mentioned, I can try to get a 2nd gym/event for Sunday. Worst case, there's always next year!

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