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GAME THREAD: Summer League 2010 - Game 1 - Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Hornets


Warriors practicing for the 2010 Summer League games.


Tired of talking about LeBron and his "The Decision" circus show? Check. Tired of debating whether the Anthony Randolph/Kelenna Azubuike/Ronny Turiaf trade for David Lee is good/bad/neutral? Check. Hungry for some Warriors basketball action? Check. Eager to watch a couple of our Warriors on the court show off their skills? That's a BIG check!

Then Warriors Summer League 2010 is what you need. Tonight kicks off the week long summer fun in Las Vegas with 5 games in 7 nights. We won't see Anthony Randolph (traded) or Ekpe Udoh (injured wrist), but we will get to see Brandan Wright and Reggie Williams. Let's gooooooo!

Five game lineup:
Game 1 - July 9 - Warriors vs Hornets - 7:00pm PDT
Game 2 - July 10 - Warriors vs Pistons - 5:00pm PDT
Game 3 - July 11 - Warriors vs Wizards - 5:00pm PDT
Game 4* - July 13 - Warriors vs Heat - 7:30pm PDT
Game 5 - July 15 - Warriors vs Suns - 3:00pm PDT
* - Game 4 will NOT air live on NBATV. It will be broadcast the following morning, Wed July 14, 7:00am.

Warriors to watch

I had read conflicting reports on whether or not Anthony Randolph would play in this year's Summer League game. He had already proved his athletic abilities in last summer's games, capped off by tying the single game record with a 42 points (soon broken by Anthony Morrow's 47 pt game), so there would be nothing for him to prove. On the other hand, there were reports that he would play to show that he had recovered from his ankle injury. I was looking forward to watching him play to see if he had learned to control himself while he watched from the bench.

Since Anthony Randolph has been traded to the Knicks, none of that matters now. Instead, we now turn our attention to the other tall, long, skinny power forward, Brandan Wright, and the D League shooting guard/small forward success story Reggie Williams.


Brandan Wright looks ready for a fast break catch and monster jam.


The last time Brandan Wright saw any kind of action was in the Warriors 2009-2010 training camp. He was getting praise from Nellie for being one of the best player in training camp. Then his shoulder went down, again, which wiped away any chance at playing during last season. He came on the broadcast once and showed us he had a good mental understanding of the game (the "slinging milk" interview). Now we watch and see if Wright can play again. Show us that "unstoppable" hook shot, young man.


As Fitz loves to say, what a find from the D League.


During the 24 games he played for the Warriors last season, Reggie Williams, coming out of the D League, showed us he had a nice variety of skills. He could shoot the 3, he could drive and cut. He could run a few plays and pass the ball or shoot it himself. He was so impressive that Larry Riley locked him with the Warriors for next season before last season ended. According to his most recent interview, Reggie's been working on "going right", so it's good to see him add more variety to his offensive game. He's already played against NBA talent. Against Summer League talent, I expect him to smoke everyone.

For your bookmarking pleasure

Warriors Summer League main page
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Warriors Summer League multimedia page
Warriors Summer League media guide (pdf)

Bits and pieces I pulled out of the media guide


  • Stephen Silas will be the head coach this summer. Keith Smart and Scott Roth will assist Silas. Tom Abdenour and Frank Bernard are the athletic trainers.
  • Seven of the players have been in the D League before: Will Blalock, Andre Brown, Brian Chase, C.J. Giles, Kasib Powell, Reggie Williams, Jeremy Wise
  • Joe Ingles played in the Warriors Summer League last summer.
  • Kashif Watson is CJ Watson's younger brother.
  • Main differences in rules: Each qtr is 10 min long. Halftime is 8 min long. Each players fouls out on the 10th foul (not the 6th).

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