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GSoM on the Radio: Olympicmike on At The Buzzer with Brian Doolittle on Sports Radio 1380 AM in St. Louis Talking David Lee and the Golden State Warriors



This last weekend I had the chance to chat with Brian Doolittle on Sports Radio 1380 about St. Louis native David Lee and Warriors hoops in general. Brian is a very cool guy who recently started an NBA radio show in St. Louis of all places (I didn't ask, but who do folks in St. Louis follow? The Bulls? Pacers? Griz? Thunder? Take your pick I guess). Just goes to show that there are NBA fanatics all over the country whether or not they have a local team. I think it's very cool that Brian is reaching out to bloggers for info on teams around the league. A big thank you to him for having me on. It was a lot of fun and I definitely look forward to doing it again. Check out the audio after the jump and find out that while I may have a face for radio, it turns out I might have a voice for blogging...

Check out the audio here if the player isn't working for you.


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