Lin: More than just Hype-PAWS40

I was one of the many skeptical of the Jeremy Lin signing. It seemed to be just a publicity stunt, and that was probably the reason behind the signing, but make no mistake, Lin has a good chance at being a good player.



The list above ranks the undrafted rookies based on their PAWS40. PAWS40 is the best metric in evaluating how a player's production translates from college to the pro's.  If you want to look at how college production translates to the pro's click here.

To summarize, players with a PAWS40 of 13 have a good chance at becoming an above average player (WP48 of .150). Guess what Jeremy Lin's PAWS40 is? 12.9.

This is very encouraging but let's see how it all works out, but i feel confident in the fact Lin's PAWS40 is higher than all but 11 players in this draft class, and far better than Ekpe Udoh. Maybe our backup point guard isn't as much as an issue as we thought before. Heck, maybe we should bring in Samhan or Zoubek on a training camp invite. It wouldn't hurt.

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