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HOT or NOT? :: New Golden State Warriors Blue Road Jersey Leaked

UPDATE (7:35pm): More looks at the jersey via Getty Images after the jump!


Think the 2011 NBA Co-Rookies of the Year will be looking fly while receiving their hardware from the commissioner in these threads?


(Thanks to LetsGoDubs for finding this.)

Jump for more!

Here's another view via Jeremy Lin's twitter:


It's a little hard to tell the exact color shades and contrasts from these pictures, but I'm liking what I'm seeing. The generic Copperplate Gothic font for the words "Golden State Warriors" is still somewhat of any eyesore, but I do like the colors, number placement, and of course the bridge. I'm looking forward to these. Hopefully there's some yellow-gold alternates on the way too.

What are your thoughts?

Big shout out to GSoM community members JustSomeName for the FanShot (Road Jersey Leaked!) and LetsGoDubs for the FanPost (New Uni's on the Warriors Rookies).

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