Steph sprains his ankle @ US practice. UPDATED

Curry landed on a teammate's foot during a scrimmage and immediately went down, and those who witnessed it said the injury initially appeared serious.

"I think he was a little scared," coach Mike Krzyzewski told

But the team's athletic trainers later told the coaching staff there was no structural damage to the ankle, and Krzyzewski said he had "no idea" if Curry would be available for practice Thursday

I think the Warriors curse is in full effect! What's it gonna take? For Lacob and Gruber to sign on the dotted line?

Anyway, here's the link to the full article.

Now I think the question comes down to this. Is it worth it for him to try and continue? Coach K says he's not sure if he'll make the next practice, but I'd have to assume that he wouldn't make the last cut if that's the case. And that may be the best thing for the Warriors organization.


It hurts. To miss a great practice like this with the scrimmaging and all -- it's never great to have an injury, especially in a pressure situation like this," Curry said at the Magic Box center on the outskirts of the Spanish capital. "I just have to make sure I get back this weekend."

Looks as if he's day to day and yet still may be able to play this weekend and try to make the squad. I like his determination to play on this team and just hope he'll be fine the rest of the way through.

Here's link to the update...

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