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GAME THREAD - Team USA vs. Lithuania - Saturday Exhibition in Spain



With one roster cut left to go, the 13 members of Team USA have been training in Spain the past several days. They have 2 exhibition games lined up this weekend. Stephen Curry injured his ankle on Wednesday, prompting groans of an injury curse among Warriors fans. But he returned to practice Friday and said he's "80%". There's no official word on whether Curry will play today, but all articles I've read point towards him being ready to go. I hope his ankle really is OK. It's still possible for Curry to get cut if his ankle injury lingers on and bothers him.

So grab your lunch, plop yourself in front of the TV, and tune in to ESPN today for some exhibition basketball fun.

Exhibition in Spain lineup:
Aug 21 - Saturday - Team USA vs. Lithuania - 12:00pm PDT - ESPN
Aug 22 - Sunday - Team USA vs. Spain - 12:00pm PDT - NBATV

Go Curry go!

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