Rajon Rondo believes he's on the bubble


When pressed on who may or may not be on the bubble, Krzyzewski gave a very strong indication that Stephen Curry is not. "It's not so much what Rajon has to show, it's what our team needs. We've found a good lineup, and the international game is so different from the NBA game, you can ask any of these guys," Krzyzewski said. "Part of it is to make sure that we try not to have two non-shooters out on the court, and there's the physicality, too. ... Also, despite the fact that Billups and Curry are playing at shooting guard, both are the primary ballhandlers on their NBA teams, as are Rose, Westbrook and Rondo. And a team with five point guards (along with a sixth guard in Eric Gordon, who has been one of the most consistent players in practice) could be viewed as a team with a key structural flaw.