Basic Melo Thread

So all the comments don't have to be scattered, I'm going to make a thread for Melo to the Dubs and link all the articles here. Movement to come tomorrow!

Argument: I'm shocked that there hasn't been a huge movement from Warriors fans to acquire Carmelo Anthony. He is a bonafide scorer and exactly what the Warriors need moving forward. A centerpiece like him alongside David Lee and Steph Curry would dramatically change the state of the franchise by adding one of the best players in the NBA, who would suddenly be placed into a situation with a stable new ownership, and a team without any nutcases (I'm looking at you Kenyon Martin). Even if we had to add J.R Smith, that team looks pretty dang good to me, and stable enough to slow or even halt his vendetta toward obscure practice mates. RISE! When the media says that fans are pushing for something or fighting against a proposed move, the references for those statements often derive from websites like GSOM. Ask and you may.... have your request acknowledged. But that's a start! - Mac Muir

Counter Argument:

Please don't trade for Anthony

I don't see any reason in trading for Melo. He would most likely be a one year rental because I think the chances of possibly resigning with us would be very low. Plus, we would have to give up many pieces in order to get him, further thinning out our depth.



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