Carmelo Anthony: Corey Maggette Redux

Carmelo Anthony is being rumored as a player who might join the Warriors via trade soon. Many fans are jumping for joy in this revelation. "He's a superstar", "He can be Lacob's KG move", and "Playoffs for sure baby!"
Earlier this offseason, Warrior fans were very happy with a move to get rid of Corey Maggette. Corey Maggette was hated by this fan base for the most part. Maybe deservingly so to some, but he was a pretty good player. Doesn't fit our needs because all he can do is score, but not a bad player. What exactly does Melo bring to the table that Maggette doesn't?

Not much.

Corey Maggette 2009-10:

24 points/36

6.5 rebounds/36

3 assists to 2.9 turnovers/36

.9 steals and .1 blocks/36

on 615% TS%

and now added Synergy numbers via Spider Jerusalem!

Overall defensive PPP:
Maggette’s: 1.03 (413th in the NBA)

So Maggette is a horrible defender, but i'm sure playing most of his minutes at power forward certainly made this worse.

Offensive PPP:
Maggette’s: 1.05 (31st in the NBA)

These numbers also come to the conclusion Maggette is a great offensive player.

compared to

Carmelo Anthony 2009-10:

26.6 points/36

6.2 rebounds/36

3.2 assists to 3.0 turnovers/36

1.2 steals and .4 blocks/36

on 548% TS%

Synergy Numbers via Spider Jerusalem

Carmelo’s overall defensive PPP: .95 (318th in the NBA)

Melo is also an atrocious defender. Considering he is younger and played his natural position more than Maggette on a playoff contending team, i find this shows he is one of the laziest players on the defensive end of the court.

Carmelo’s offensive PPP: .97 (124th in the NBA)

So his scoring, while not bad, is nothing spectacular.


As we have seen players like Maggette who contribute little else than scoring, don't help this team. Maggette is better at scoring than Melo, and he couldn't help this team. Granted i think Melo is better than Corey, but with very similar styles in play, i don't see the effects of Melo to be much greater than Maggette's. Oh and we'll have to pay him the max to this guy, when through the duration of the contract he'll probably be the 3rd or 4th best player on the team (behind Lee, Curry, and Biedrins if he stays). Don't believe me? The PPG circle may not, but never going above .130 in WP48 is a pretty clear indicator that Melo is not the player many play him out to be.

I would only do a deal for Melo if it involved

A) No extension-so we can have vast amount of cap space in 2011 with various quality free agents.

B) It involved Monta

C) We don't give up a big man without one in return


D) we receive JR Smith or Birdman as well

If we do that we have






That's something i can get behind.

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