Say Hell No to Melo, Friends


#Warriors offer for Melo would be Stephen Curry, Biedrins, and picks...GSW unsure tho about parting w Curry

I have been happily entertaining all the Melo threads, but the line in the sand has been drawn. A recent fanshot from mekanikal actually cites a league source saying the Warriors could offer Curry and Biedrins and draft picks for Melo. This is absolutely shocking. It's one thing to give up Ellis and B. Wright, but Curry? Curry AND Biedrins? Curry AND Biedrins AND draft picks? I hope you'll all join with me in saying WTF, and putting your expressions of anger on this page.

We have a duty to express our feelings about the badness of this potential deal. We must make sure JOE LACOB and LARRY RILEY understand that this move would crush the hopes of GSW fans and the future of the franchise. Please join with me to make sure we express our voices clearly and loudly!!! We must prevail!!!



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