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Anthony Tolliver Makes The Decision... Part Deux: From NBA D-League to Golden State Warriors to Minnesota Timberwolves + Chris Cohan's Response

We had no idea this was coming. It was a cruel way for the best fans in the entire NBA to find out.

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It gets better, so JUMP!

Although Golden State Warriors owner Chris Cohan aka the worst owner in sports history is on his way out, he had some pretty blunt parting words for Anthony Tolliver. GSoM member brutusbrutus relayed the shots to us (another GSoM EXCLUSIVE!):


In all seriousness, good luck to Anthony Tolliver. It was fun rooting for him as a member of the Golden State of D-Leaguers. I still remember the day he was called up from the NBA D-League. Very smart and likable cat. He worked hard and deserves every penny the Timberwolves are paying him. The NBA needs more guys like him. Thanks Ant. You embodied the true unstoppable baby-ness of a Golden State Warrior and for that you will never be forgotten.

Some Anthony Tolliver highlights:


Lots of Links:

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Who's Got Next?

LeBron James who?

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