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New Golden State Warriors Art: Monta Ellis + Stephen Curry with the New Logos and Uniforms


It feels good drawing again for GSoM! I can't believe this is going to be my 4th season drawing our beloved Warriors. This just  feels right. There was a time when my hobby of drawing just became work since I was doing too much outside of GSoM. It frustrated me to the point that the fun suddenly disappeared. The way I see it, drawing the Warriors makes me feel great!

This is an exciting time for Warrior fans. We've got new owners, a new team logo, new jerseys and some new faces in our roster. Who could ask for anything more? Maybe Carmelo Anthony?

Enjoy the artwork! This is the first of many!

Download this as wallpaper art courtesy of Tony.psd and GSoM. (click here 1920x1200)

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