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GSoM Night 9: Courtside Shootaround Details!


Just wanted to throw out another quick add-on to GSOM Night 9 that I just confirmed and wasn't mentioned in the original GSOM Night details post. Usually, the first 150 tickets purchased get a chance to sit courtside during pre-game shootaround, but we're changing it up a little this year. Because there are a limited number of spots and a lot of people buying tickets (250+ tickets sold so far!), we need to limit access to courtside shootaround to those of you who buy 10+ tickets to GSOM Night 9. Your entire group will get to sit courtside during shootaround with a chance to watch Stephen Curry, David Lee, Monta Ellis, etc and some of the Rockets players participate in shootaround! It's quite a treat to be that close to the action even for just shootaround. For those of you who've already purchased 10+ tickets, you will also get courtside access.

For those of you who don't purchase 10+ tickets, you'll still get the free t-shirt and get to step on the court and shoot a free throw after the game.

Opening Night! - Wednesday, October 27, 2010 @ 7:30p vs Houston Rockets

Tickets (Purchase Tickets Online, password: GSOM)
- Club 200 Sideline: $30 each (regular $36)
- Club 200 Corner/Baseline: $25 each (regular $30)

For Every Ticket Purchased
- Tickets to opening night vs the Rockets
- Free Tony.psd t-shirt
- Participate in the post-game on-court free throw contest
- For groups of 10+, sit courtside for shootaround from 6-6:30



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