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Golden State Warriors 2010 Training Camp Roster set for action


Summer vacation is almost over. Media day and training camp is almost here.


With the "Don Nelson as the head coach" question virtually behind us (Larry Riley still needs to make a formal announcement on Monday), the Golden State Warriors players, coaches, and their fiercely loyal fans gear up for another season of basketball action. We start first with the annual media day on Monday Sept 27th, and then we get right into the camp on Tuesday. You can see live coverage of Media Day from Warriors 2010 Training Camp Central (bookmark that!). We'll most likely have an open thread for it also.

Update1: Media Day will begin at 11am PDT on Monday.

Update2: A live press conference will begin at 10am PDT on Monday.

The Warriors signed 5 new guys to push the training camp roster to 19 players: Jeff Adrien, Vernon Goodridge, James Mays, Cheyne Gadson, Aaron Miles. Looks like nobody from our Summer League got signed for training camp. Some quick research showed that Aaron Miles signed with the Warriors in 2005-06 as an undrafted rookie, but was released midway through that season. If you guys know some background info on the these guys, please share!

Training Camp Roster

New guys are in green. Source: Warriors Training Camp Roster

Number Player Position Height Weight Born From Years
19 Louis Amundson F 6-9 225 12/7/1982 UNLV 4
34 Charlie Bell G 6-3 200 3/12/1979 Michigan State 6
15 Andris Biedrins F/C 7-0 240 4/2/1986 Riga, Latvia 6
25 Rodney Carney G/F 6-7 205 4/5/1984 Memphis 4
30 Stephen Curry G 6-3 185 3/14/1988 Davidson 1
8 Monta Ellis G 6-3 180 10/26/1985 Lanier HS (Jackson, MS) 5
50 Dan Gadzuric C 6-11 245 2/2/1978 UCLA 8
10 David Lee F/C 6-9 250 4/29/1983 Florida 5
7 Jeremy Lin G 6-3 200 8/23/1988 Harvard R
77 Vladimir Radmanovic F 6-10 235 11/19/1980 Belgrade, Serbia 9
20 Ekpe Udoh F 6-10 240 5/20/1987 Baylor R
55 Reggie Williams F 6-6 210 9/14/1986 Virginia Military 1
32 Brandan Wright F 6-10 220 10/5/1987 North Carolina 3
1 Dorell Wright F/G 6-9 210 12/2/1985 South Kent Prep (South Kent, CT) 6
4 Jeff Adrien F 6-7 243 2/10/1986 Connecticut R
12 Cheyne Gadson G 6-4 200 1/17/1980 Oklahoma State R
2 Vernon Goodridge F 6-9 230 2/18/1984 LaSalle R
40 James Mays F 6-9 230 3/3/1986 Clemson R
11 Aaron Miles G 6-1 185 4/13/1983 Kansas 1

Other stuff

- The general feeling among the Warriors insiders is that they are in a mildly happy wait-and-see mode about Riley, Smart, the starting lineup, and the bench.
Marcus Thompson II: It’s All Good in Warriors Land Right Now

My Notebook

- At the moment, the Warriors are likely to hang on to their current roster until the trade deadline, so they can see what they have.

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