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Golden State Warriors Media Day 2010 Links - Videos and KNBR mp3s

Ah, the first Links post of the new season. If you missed Media Day, hop on in and catch up with the Larry Riley and Keith Smart press conference, then interviews of players by Jim Barnett and Tim Roye, plus Fitz and Brooks live interviews with players.

Update: Added part 2 of the live interviews with Tim or Jim.

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Photo Gallery


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Media Day Videos

Since the embedded ustream videos automatically download every time you view this page, I changed it to a link. Click on the link to go to their video page.

Video Link: Press Conference

Press conference introducing Keith Smart. (Occasional bad audio, so read the transcripts to fill in the gaps.)

Jared Cowley: Transcript: Riley and Smart opening statements
Jared Cowley: Transcript: Riley and Smart Q/A

Video Link: Live Interviews, part 1

Interviews with Rodney Carney, Ekpe Udoh, Dorell Wright, Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins, Louis Amundson, Vladimir Radmanovic, David Lee, Jeremy Lin, Dan Gadzuric, Keith Smart (video cuts off here).

Video Link: Live Interviews, part 2

Part 2: Keith Smart pt 2, Larry Riley, Charlie Bell, Stephen Curry, Reggie Williams (interviews Jim Barnett).

KNBR mp3s

Fitz and Brooks broadcasted live from the Warriors Media Day and yaks it up with players, Smart, and Riley.

- Topics: rebounding, playing for the Warriors, character guys, pre-training camp scrimmages, pick and rolls, defense.
16:17 min: David Lee

- Topics: coaching style, staying with the Warriors, strategizing with the current roster, rebounding, Andris Biedrins, theory: big guys and jump shots, team players "policing" themselves.
14:53 min: Keith Smart

- Topics: football, playing host during Media Day, Dorell Wright, pre-training camp hangout.
7:35 min: Reggie Williams

- Topics: coming back early and ready, explaining "can't play with Curry" comments, friendship with Curry, staying with the Warriors, proving people wrong, policing each other.
11:43 min: Monta Ellis

- Topics: the coaching staff, Keith Smart, good locker room guys, the David Lee sign-and-trade, how he dealt for players this summer, Andris Biedrins, small backcourt and large frontcourt.
19:45 min: Larry Riley

- Larry Riley also showed up with Ralph and Tom. Topics: letting go of Nellie, choosing Keith Smart, opinion on the potential lockout, letting go of Anthony Morrow, Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins, Mark Price.
25:34 min: Larry Riley with Ralph and Tom

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