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Game Thread: FIBA 2010 Quarter Finals - Team USA vs Russia


Team USA better not think that the next 3 games have Easy Buttons too.


Angola had no size and their leading scorer could not play due to an injury from a previous game. It's like somebody pushed the Easy Button for Team USA, and they took advantage by pummeling Angola to take a 20 pt lead after the 1st qtr, with a final victory of 55 pts. It was good to see some nice offensive execution and ball movement in that Angola game, but it's too hard to tell if that's only because Angola didn't offer much resistance. I need to see Team USA against a tougher opponent to see if their offense has sharpened to the level of the Brazil team we saw last week.

Speaking of Brazil, we won't have to face them later on as Argentina defeated them on Tuesday, knocking Brazil out of the tournament at the Round of 16 stage. Argentina would be a good test for Team USA. But before we jump ahead, let's take on Russia. Familiar names on Russia: none.

If we win, we play the winners of Lithuania / Argentina. If we lose, we play the losers of Lithuania / Argentina.

Update: Added broadcast times and channels for the next game against Lithuania.

Day Date Opponent Live PDT Live Chan Replay PDT Replay Chan
Thu Sep 09 Russia 8:00am ESPN, 10:30pm ESPN2
Sat Sep 11 Lithuania 9:00am ESPN Classic, 10:30pm ESPN2
Sun Sep 12 Serbia / Turkey ??? ???, ??? ???

Three more wins to go.

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