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Warriors Practice Day Links: Practice Interviews, Keith Smart on KNBR

Are you eager for the rematch against the Clippers? If you are, you can jump in and warm up with Thursday's practice interview, Keith Smart on KNBR, MT2 article on Biedrins, and Matt Steinmetz's mailbag. On the KNBR interview, Keith Smart gives some insightful answers on the behind-the-scenes responsibilities he needs to manage as a head coach.

Additional note, it sounds like Larry Riley and Keith Smart will alternate every other week with Ralph and Tom. I assume this replaces the weekly Thursday Don Nelson Show we've had while Nellie was here.

Practice interview tidbits: Keith Smart, Radman.

- Topics: Monta Ellis, prior coaching experience with Nellie, dealing with players minutes, BWright, playing Monta 48 min in Lakers game.
17:30 min: Keith Smart with Ralph and Tom on KNBR

- Another lackluster game has brought the topic of conversation to Andris Biedrins once again.
Marcus Thompson II: Andris Biedrins' production, or lack of, takes center stage for Golden State Warriors

- It's been a while since Matt Steinmetz cracked open the mailbag.
Matt Steinmetz: NBA mailbag (1/13/10)

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