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Pre-Game Shoot-Around Thread: Golden State Warriors Morning Courtside Chats

A tidbit of Reggie Williams hitting 72% of 90 three-pointers (per the device) yesterday after practice.

Thanks to the Warriors PR guys Raymond Ridder and Dan Martinez through their Social Media 3-Point Play, for the first time I had the fortunate circumstance to attend the post-practice interview session at the Warriors facility yesterday. I'll also be attending tonight's showdown vs the Los Angeles Clippers (Game Thread preview will be up this afternoon), with full media credentials, so it will be a fun experience and I'll definitely give you the insider's rehash in the recap.

I didn't plan on it, but I ended up having a 30-minute courtside chat with Coach Keith Smart. If you follow me on Twitter at @poormanscommish, you know that I haven't had kind things to say about Smart lately, in particular with the limited usage of Ekpe Udoh. But after the talk, I got to understand Smart much better and, as a result, won't be as knee-jerk critical even if I still disagree. But more on that after the jump.

More importantly for you, I'll be attending today's morning shootaround in about an hour and I would like to try my best (Android phone, don't fail me now!) to do a live-blog while I'm at the Warriors practice facility today. So, hit the jump and start posting!

The courtside chat with Smart ranged from Udoh to Jeremy Lin to Dorell Wright to how Smart seems to be very well-seasoned with developing players (particularly bigs). I started seeing the big picture as to why he's needed right now with this particular squad that Lacob & Co. have inherited. But I think I'd like to save the details for the live-blog Comments section below.

Here's how I'd like to do this. See, I'm not a journalist. When I was chatting it up with Smart, it was just two guys who now have their lives dedicated to basketball 24/7, talking. I wasn't taking notes and I wouldn't know how. Doing so would've prevented me from listening. I wasn't asking questions like an interview, I was asking questions to share and learn more about the game, from this coach's perspective. I was also trying not to be overly critical and, believe me, when you're standing in front of the guy and you're having real dialog, it's a lot easier "to be sweet", in the words of Joakim Noah (and it's kinda cool, too).

As such, and Smart knows this, I'm reporting back to you guys like a grandfather telling a story after dinner. I might remember some stuff, I might not. And I don't know that I'd be particular good at writing it all out for you instead of doing it live-blog/comment-reply fashion. Mostly though, it's the time constraint. I haven't even staffed my Sunday referees in Dream League and it's already Friday, so I really really have to get that done despite this post, going to the Shoot-Around in one hour, posting the preview Game Thread I have to do, another appointment I have this afternoon, and actually going to the game and picking up my credential at 5:45pm (whew!)... oh, and posting the recap too!

My talk with Smart is all there in my brain, so ask me questions below to get the information out!

And also tell me whom I should speak with and what to ask at Shoot-Around in about an hour.

Again, you can catch me on Twitter (@poormanscommish) as I will also try to tweet as well as live-blog from there, too.

And pray my phone works!...

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