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Warriors Practice Day Links: Keith Smart, Stephen Curry, Dorell Wright interviews

The Warriors returned to practice to prepare for the Monday afternoon MLK game against the Nets. The topic after practice was 3pt shooting and playing on MLK day. Make the jump for the practice interviews, plus I also stuffed in this week's Warriors Weekly stuff.

Practice Interviews

Keith Smart on 3pt shooting, MLK day, Avery Johnson, DWright's game.

Stephen Curry on 3pt shooting, MLK day, DWright's game, Anthony Morrow.

Dorell Wright on 3pt shooting, MLK day.

Other stuff

- The topic of the day was 3pt shooting.
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors being smarter with their 3-point shot selection

- After practice, the players talked about playing on MLK day. Plus some background info on MLK day and the NBA.
Rusty Simmons: 'A huge honor' to be playing on King holiday

Interesting Tweets

(earlier in the day)
werksracer: @gswscribe Marcus, why are Assists referred to as "dimes"? Curious Mind need to know
gswscribe: Comes from term "dropping dimes"? Or maybe it means a pass was perfect, as in a 10? RT @werksracer: why are Assists referred to as "dimes"?
feltbot: A good pass = "putting the ball on a dime." RT @gswscribe Comes from term "dropping dimes"? @werksracer
gswscribe: I see that. Sounds right RT @feltbot: A good pass = "putting the ball on a dime." RT Comes from term "dropping dimes"? @werksracer

Warriors Weekly TV, Jan 10, 2011

Warriors Weekly Radio, Jan 13, 2011

6:52 min: Mark Price
4:27 min: NBA Fit Feature
6:29 min: Tim Roye's Journal With Dennis Scott & Monta Ellis
22:24 min: Jerry West
2:39 min: Upcoming Games

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