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Recap #40: New Jersey Nets 100, Golden State Warriors 109- Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! + GSoM Kids Day 3

UPDATE 1/18/11:
Our friends from Oakland Housing Authority are UNSTOPPABLE BABY!


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Jump for a recap of this nice matinee win!

Happy MLK Day!

First and foremost I wanted to wish you all a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I've spent the last 27 years of my life in school and MLK Day is always a holiday. I didn't really realize till this year that the "work world" really doesn't seem to recognize this day. That's unfortunate. I wish this day was recognized across the country more universally. It's a special day, not just for People of Color or Americans, but for all of humanity.

I do want to give props both the Golden State Warriors and the NBA as a whole for their annual fantastic efforts to celebrate this day. Each year the Warriors go out of their way to recognize the day and turn it into one big kids day. If you've never been a matinee MLK Game at the Roaracle it has quite a different vibe than the usual atmosphere. There's lots of kids running around and having a great time. They're also pitching in media-wise on the PA system and even writing for the Oakland Tribune! (Nice work MT.) Very fun.

The NBA as well puts on a show every Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I remember in the Warriors pregame radio show with Tim Roye and gang, they were noting that the NBA actually started celebrating the day 4 years prior to the government recognizing it. The day long national coverage across NBA TV, ESPN, and TNT is very impressive as well. The NBA is a special league.

All of us at GSoM want to thank the Warriors for their continued support of GSoM Kids Day. As my man FJ noted in the preview with the support of the Warriors we were able to work with the following youth organizations this year and take 100 young Warrior fans to a game (a lot of first timers I imagine too):

  • Emeryville Parks and Rec
  • Farm Drive
    "Farm Drive Neighborhood Ministry offers urban neighborhood kids the opportunity to mature holistically (intellectually, emotionally, spiritually socially, and physically), through consistent long-term, mentoring relationships. We at Hillside Church want to help our kids, their families, and our community by being the hands and feet of Jesus in all that we do.

    We offer Pre-Kinder and Kinder classes, after school homework assistance (Homework Club) for elementary through high school, Saturday Bible Clubs, Street Hockey, Summer Read ‘n Swim, Monthly Food Distribution, and summer and winter camps."
  • Oakland Housing Authority
    "Our Mission: To assure the availability of quality housing for low-income persons and to promote the civic involvement and economic self-sufficiency of residents and to further the expansion of affordable housing within Oakland."
  • Potrero Hill Neighborhood House
    "The Potrero Hill Neighborhood House is a multi-purpose, multi-generational community center that has been in operation for over a century. We offer a "micro-system" of "family privilege" to all members within our community to help children, youth and seniors overcome potential risks from educational deficits and violence to hunger.

    We provide a safe, turf-free place where community members can come to be healed, educated, entertained and inspired. We are open to all San Franciscans and provide necessary services, free of charge, to those most in need with a geographic focus on the Southeast section of the city, Potrero Hill, Visitation Valley and Bay View Hunters Point."
  • Rotary Club of Oakland
    The Rotary Club of Oakland is a diverse service club of over 340 professionals, businesspersons, and other community leaders dedicated to fighting hunger and disease, and promoting health, education and other humanitarian causes in Oakland and around the world.

Now on to the game...

No Wonder Carmelo Anthony Doesn't Want to Go to the New Jersey Nets

The biggest talk league-wide is where Carmelo Anthony is going. In case you haven't been on Planet Hoop the most rumored destination is the New Jersey Nets (see Woj: Prokhorov, Nets In Danger of Becoming Jokes If He Doesn't Return to New Jersey with 'Melo in Tow from the mighty Nets Daily). Now the Warriors are a bad team, but the Nets- whoa man, they're awful. Here's an SAT analogy question for you (I'm actually not sure if they still have these, but here goes):

LA Lakers : LA Clippers

New York Knicks : ???


I've always like this former Warrior legend though!

Answer: New Jersey Nets

Seriously, Melo, don't waste your time with that franchise. By the time they finally move to BROOKLYN, you and LaLa will be retired and sippin' lemonade in the Caribbean. Aside from Brook Lopez and Coach Avery Johnson's interviews is there really all that much to like about this team on the hardwood? Well, not today.

Game Shots

  • Driving home I couldn't remember a time when the Nets ever led this game. My memory wasn't failing me. As noted in the AP recap, the Warriors never trailed for 46 minutes of the game.
  • Give it up for Brook Lopez. He got virtually no help from the Nets other bigs (especially with Troy Murphy out), but he still managed to get 20 points on only 15 tries. He came into today's game of back-to-back 30 point games. His rebounding is down this year to a lowly 5.9, but I bet he gets that number up by the end of the season. He's the one keeper on the Nets roster.
  • This is why the Warriors pay David Lee the big bucks. 24 points (on only 13 shots), 10 boards, 4 assists (only 1 turnover). The Warriors are 5-2 when Lee gets 20. Coach Keith Smart- please get this man more involved in the offense please. That elbow looks a lot better than it did 10 games ago.
  • Stephen Curry is struggling. Sure Steph's dealt with injuries and he has to stop fouling so much, but I don't think Coach Smart is utilizing him properly. Curry is the best player on the team, not Monta. (Yeah I said it and I believe it.) Curry needs more shots, more pick and rolls, etc. The ball needs to be in his hands and Monta needs to play off him as a more standard 2-guard. In the final month of the season last year (8 games in April) Curry averaged 26.4 ppg, 8.1 apg, 6.4 rpg, and 2.6 stl. That wasn't a fluke and there were a few nice wins. Don Nelson knew how to use Stef-fun. Does Coach Smart? I hope so, otherwise Curry is being wasted and the Warriors are liable to make some dumb trade with Stephen that we'll all regret.
  • I'm not exactly sure why Andris Biedrins gets 30 minutes a game. I'd like to see that time split amongst Ekpe Udoh, Louis Amundson, and Dan Gadzuric. They each bring some to the table that Biedrins doesn't- and they don't wallow in self-pity. I don't buy that Biedrins is head and shoulders above them. It didn't matter tonight, but it does matter if the team is going to make some noise during this January gift of home games.
  • Reggie! Reggie! Reggie! Reggie Williams was hot of the bench tonight (5-9 FG and 2-3 23pt). Don't be surprised if he's a future 6th man of the year.
  • Devin Harris- peaking at age 27 isn't all that bad, but that peak barely even lasted!
  • Derrick Favors- well, I'll put it this way. He can only get better.
  • Anthony Morrow- there will always be a home for you at the Roaracle. It's too bad we couldn't give you a little applause today.


The Player's Holiday award goes to Monta Ellis. It wasn't the best shooting night, but if there's 9 assist to only 1 turnover plus 5 boards- I'll take it! He's no MVP, but he does belong in this year's All Star game.


This block alone will win you the Warrior Wonder!

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