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Golden State Warriors Art: Curry and Ellis


Happy New Year everyone! I was listening to Run DMC's "King of Rock" album a few days ago and their cover art had me wanting to do a playful parody of our team. I miss doing those fun concepts with our Warriors team. It's something that reminded me of when I first started drawing for GSoM. All my ideas were fun and comedic at times. With much of my attention focusing back to GSoM for 2011, you'll definitely be seeing more of that this year. As for this parody, it's kind of early for me to start drawing a "Run" Curry, Ellis and Lee drawing since they've all had their share of injuries. The chemistry just isn't 100% yet. This right here is a teaser... (minus David Lee)


Download it as wallpaper art courtesy of GSoM and Tony.psd (click here, 1920 x 1200 in size)

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