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Operation: All-Star - Monta Ellis


My favorite part was drawing the hoodie! I actually ordered one at the team store!

Monta Ellis has the numbers, skills and talent to become an NBA All-Star (25.8 PPG, 3.4 RPG and 5.7 APG to be exact). The last time the Warriors had an All-Star was back in 97' and that was Latrell Sprewell. I know that making it to the playoffs would be more satisfying for the entire team, but seeing Monta's name mentioned as an official All-Star would be the gratitude he deserves for being an electrifying player.

From now until the All-Star game, I'll be doing my part illustrating "Monta propoganda" signs and bringing them to games. The man deserves it! 

FYI, the inspiration behind "Operation: All-Star" was taken from M.F. Doom's classic debut album "Operation Dooms Day" Enjoy!

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