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Recap #43: Golden State Warriors 109 @ LA Clippers 113- The Good and Bad


I don't think this man can be stopped...

Final Boxscore | Preview/ GameThread (1835+ comments) | Game Day Links

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Good: The Warriors are 6-4 over their last 10 games.

Bad: Counting this loss in LA the Warriors are 6-17 on the road this season.

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Coach Keith Smart went 10 deep in this game, so we'll do the same.

Monta Ellis

Good: It was courageous and tough for Monta to even come back a night after spraining his ankle.

Bad: More turnovers (5) than assists (4), 4 blocked shot attempts, and 5 personal fouls.

Stephen Curry

Good: 32 points on only 23 shots plus 8 dimes.

Bad: Yet another night of foul trouble.

Andris Biedrins

Good: Nearly 10 points, 10 boards, and 4 steals per 36. Too bad fouls matter.

Bad: Not surprisingly the worst +/- on the night (-18).

Dorell Wright

Good: Filling up the stat sheet with 14-74.

Bad: Not enough shot attempts tonight.

David Lee

Good: 16 points, 15 boards, and 3 dimes ain't no joke.

Bad: The opposing starting 4 Mr. Blake Griffin served up 30 points, 18 rebounds, and 8 assists. MONSTER!

Vladimir Radmanovic

Good: Pretty solid effort off the bench.

Bad: Mo' foul trouble.

Reggie Williams

Good: 16 points in 18 minutes.

Bad: Nothing but points.

Ekpe Udoh

Good: I have no idea.

Bad: Only 6 minutes?

Charlie Bell

Good: 0 missed shots and 0 turnovers!

Bad: Bad joke.

Brandan Wright

Good: Not single moment of the usual softness and cluelessness!

Bad: Another bad joke.


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