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Recap #44: San Antonio Spurs 113 @ Golden State Warriors 102 - Too Deep, Spurs Bench Sends the Dubs Back to the Kiddie Pool


Caption contest!! This picture makes me laugh as-is, so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with a funny caption. Leave one in the comments. Good Luck! (Winner gets to amuse GSoM readers with their boundless wit)

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So I guess it's appropriate that on a day I chose to highlight the Spurs ability to repeatedly reload their roster with veterans, journeymen and late draft picks that the Warriors would get killed by their bench. The Warriors starters weren't exactly world beaters tonight, but even with a rather inefficient night from the backcourt the Warriors starters still outscored the Spurs starters 88-67. Jump for the bad news...

Bench Scoring: Spurs 46 - Warriors 14

This is the part where I was planning on pasting in the blurb I wrote about Antonio McDyess in the game preview, but it looks like I deleted that section by mistake last night (that's what I get for writing at 1:30 AM) so instead I'll just post a picture of RJ giving him a well deserved high five!


So yeah, washed up old Antonio McDyess dropped 14pts 10reb in only 24min. His mid-range J was money (along with everyone else in a Spurs Uni) and he was sporting a game best +23 on the night. He was one of three Spurs with double figure scoring off the bench, with Hill and Neal being the other two, and Splitter pitched in with 7pts 6reb as well.

On the Warriors end it was one disappointment off the bench after another. Reggie is expected to come in and score, but tonight he managed to put up a goose egg in 14 minutes of play. Amundson is expected to bring hustle and rebounding off the bench, but tonight he only managed 0pts 0reb and 1blk in 6 minutes. It was ugly. The bench was basically useless tonight. If only I had something to take my mind off of it...


Gaahhh! Okay caption writers... have some fun with this one too. I just don't have it in me.

Alright, time to start looking for a bright spot...


David Lee

This was the kind of game we were all hoping to see a lot of this season from Lee. Unfortunately we haven't yet seen a performance like this out of Lee in a Warriors uniform. 31pts on 19 shots, 12reb and even a block. I'm hoping that we can look forward to seeing more of this from Lee now that he's healthy. His shot looked smooth, he was aggressive inside, he pulled the most rebounds tonight, and he did it all against a very tough Spurs front line. Well done David.


One thing is bothering me...

Okay, so early in this game I was pretty impressed by the play of Andris Biedrins. He looked good on defense, and had what seemed like 3 blocks in the first four minutes of game time. So... how did he end the night with only one block? And where the heck did the strong play from that first quarter go? He totally disappeared, along with two of his blocks... Bummer.

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