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Golden State Warriors Day Off Links: Larry Riley, Monta Ellis, Vladimir Radmanovic interviews

Here's another rare occasion where I have enough stuff to make a post on a Warriors day off. Perhaps with this long home stretch, we'll get more stuff to watch, read, and listen to during off or practice days.

Anyway, on with the interviews. Larry Riley sounded very pumped up in his interview with Ralph and Tom. Radman shows his veteran wisdom on Chronicle Live. I also stuck in last week's Warriors Weekly stuff. So grab your eyeballs and eardrums and make the jump.


Chronicle Live: Greg Papa interviews Vladimir Radmanovic.

- Dennis Scott interviews Monta Ellis on his career and his personal life. (See below for video version of same interview.)
3:55 min: Monta Ellis interviewed by Dennis Scott

- Topics: Injury excuses, Biedrins FTs, Lee and the offense, upcoming stretch, DWright, playoff hunt, 4th qtr comeback @Hornets.
19:42 min: Larry Riley with Ralph and Tom on KNBR

Dennis Scott interviews Monta Ellis, video version, exact same as mp3 version above.

Other stuff

- With a favorable schedule coming up and the roster fully available (barring conditioning issues), the Warriors are now out of excuses.
Marcus Thompson II: It's time for Golden State Warriors to put up or shut up
Matt Steinmetz: Finally healthy, time is now for Warriors

I don't see myself having time to take notes on the Weekly TV and Radio stuff anymore, so I'll just provide the video and mp3 links.

Last week's Warriors Weekly TV

Last week's Warriors Weekly Radio

7:39 min: Monta Ellis
10:36 min: Keith Smart
13:22 min: Tim Roye's Journal With Lloyd Pierce & Doug Collins
5:25 min: Season Of Giving Feature
2:17 min: Upcoming Games

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