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Monday Post-Lockout Links: Golden State Warriors' Reactions To The End Of The NBA Lockout

The NBA lockout is over.

Thus, all is right in the universe. Sort of. Well actually, not really yet.

  • Marcus Thompson II of the San Jose Mercury News notes that the owners and players still need to vote on the proposed deal in addition to summarizing its terms, including some interesting information on the proposed amnesty clause: "...multiple sources confirmed that Golden State has no intention of getting rid of (Andris) Biedrins through the amnesty provision."  Read more >>>

  • SB Nation's Tom Ziller takes a closer look at that amnesty clause, highlighting an interesting wrinkle in it: teams bidding for taking on part of a player's salary with the original team paying the rest. That could make for some interesting decision-making. Read more >>>

  • Ziller also takes stock of 20 questions about the new deal that will need to answered A.S.A.P. Most importantly is the matter of whether owners will even vote for this deal after so much wrangling, though he provides reason for optimism. Ultimately what those questions highlight that we should "not kid ourselves: the NBA isn't permanently out of the woods." Read more >>>

  • Matt Steinmetz of CSN Bay Area takes a look at the Warriors' free agent options, but reports that a new deal won't make their situation a whole lot better than the old one: they likely still won't be far enough under the cap to be a significant player on the free agent market. Read more >>>

  • If you've forgotten who's even on the Warriors - either due to the time lapsed due to the lockout or willfully due to disgust with it - Matt Steinmetz also provides you with an overview of the roster. Read more >>>

  • Barry Stavro of the L.A. Times compiled NBA player tweets in response to the end of the lockout, including Warriors forward Dorell Wright tweeting that he's just happy to have that j-o-b: "I was a Stay at home Son for months!! Now got my Jobby bacc its on!! Moms gone be happy!!" Read more >>>

  • Rick Bonnell of Charlotte Observer reports that Stephen Curry is a bit more cautiously optimistic about the weekend's news. "Really hope there's a reason they agreed and we have no problem passing the CBA through the vote,'' Curry tweeted. Read more >>>

  • Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that new Warriors coach Mark Jackson has held what he calls "boot camps" for his staff so that they can hit the ground running. Among the things Jackson looks forward to doing is improving Monta Ellis' defensive consistency. Read more >>>

  • Ray Ratto of CSN Bay Area expresses a sentiment that I know more than one NBA fan is feeling even with this ridiculous lockout foolishness finally over: "this isn’t a day to be proud of, in all frankness." Read more >>>

  • David Fucillo of SBN Bay Area looks at some of the scheduling wrinkles to iron out for the Warriors (and Kings) in a revised 66-game schedule given the games they missed. Read more >>>

That was just a quick summary of what was written over the weekend in the immediate aftermath of the lockout. Feel free to drop other links that come out throughout the day in the comments.

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