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GSoM Logo sample designs by Tony.psd


These samples are long over due and it's time to share it with our readers. For months we've gone back and fourth sharing ideas on branding Golden State of Mind as it's own identity and not using elements our favorite basketball team and many others are using. We've considered abandoning the use of the Bay Bridge, the California state as a silhouette and basketball players for GSoM's logo because it's already been done many times over. At the same time, if it looks good on the website, I want to make sure it transfers well into other marketing material like single color shirts or posters.

Join me after the jump as I present each logo in full view!


Sample 1: The whole idea behind the "brain ball" represents our communities high basketball I.Q. - Our comments are more than just "Monta played awesome tonight!" Our readers take it to the next level with statistics, chats, numbers, etc. The brain part of the logo represents that knowledge. Sure, it's nerdy but it's a fun unique way to look at basketball! Have you seen the show "The Big Bang Theory?" Ladies dig nerds!


Sample 2: same design as sample 1 but it's drawn out in a single color. Imagine if these were t-shirts? The statement "Golden State of Mind" has been written over by so many urban shirt companies using bridge silhouettes, the state of California, etc. that this one has a more unique edge. It's fun and playful. I've always had this notion "if it looks good in full color, it can look just as good with one color."


Sample 3: SImilar to Sample 1, it's a word play thing. Bigger type case on the bottom, representation of our logo on top.


Sample 4: Simple design - our title name in a readable font with a basketball in place of the letter "O."

Feedback is appreciated, again nothing is final just sharing some of these designs to the public.

Happy Holidays,

Tony.psd and The GSoM Crew!

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