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Game #2: Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings- Stephen Curry vs Tyreke Evans- 2010 Rookie of the Year Review


In year 3 (if it even happens), who you got?

Warriors (0-0) vs Kings (0-0)

TV: canceled | Radio: canceled

Tip-off: canceled

Blog Buddy: Sactown Royalty

Unfortunately this game ain't happening, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with a trip down memory lane. Jump for a look back!

Even though the Warriors weren't exactly contending for a championship in the spring of 2010, it was an exciting time that I will never forget. There was of course win #1,333 (see Golden State Warriors Make History! Don Nelson gets win #1,333 for most head coaching wins in NBA history + RECAP: Golden State Warriors 116, Minnesota Timberwolves 107 - Congratulations Nellie!) and the 2010 NBA Rookie of the Year Race.

A look back:
I'm of coursed biased, but I think Stephen Curry should have won it. Don't get me wrong, Tyreke gets props for his rookie 20-5-5 campaign, but Steph under Nellie in those last few months was nuts:

Stephen Curry Under Don Nelson with D-League Teammates

  • Post All-Star break: 22.1 ppg (46.8% FG, 44% 3pt, 90.6% FT), 7.7 apg, 5.5 rpg, 2.0 steals
  • April: 26.4 ppg (46.8% FG, 47.2% 3pt, 89.5% FT), 8.1 apg, 6.1 rpg, 2.6 steals
Remember there's a lot of big, crazy, exciting wins in that stretch too. For awhile there it didn't look like Nellie was going to get that record.


My parting shots:
  • Nellie and Curry were a perfect match for each other. It was silly to let Nellie go before last season started and it stunted Steph's growth. If the new-regime-Warriors let go of Nellie because of Andris Biedrins' insecurities, I'm terrified about the future of this franchise.
  • Damn the catchiness of "20-5-5" in the voters' memory!
  • Lockout. Sucks.

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